Coca-Cola has joined forces with the WWF to launch "Arctic Home", a campaign to raise awareness and funds to conserve the home of Coca-Cola's mascot, the polar bear. It is a initiative that will see the largest number of EU countries to ever come together in raising funds and awareness for a common cause.


The Arctic is being affected by climate change; it is warming twice as fast as the global average and sea ice is disappearing at a rate of about 11% each decade.

Coca-Cola Arctic Home Launch Event Boards, in partnership with the WWF. 17th January 2013. London Science Museum.

The facts about climate change:

  • 'Global warming' describes long term increases in temperature of the earth's atmosphere.
  • 'Climate' refers to the average weather in a region over a period of typically 30 years or more. 
  • 'Climate change' refers to the recent changes in climate, which have been observed since the early 1900's due to global warming
  • 'Greenhouse gases' are essential to the earths atmosphere, but in the right quantities.
  • Global temeratures have increased by 1oC since pre-industrial times. The last time humans saw a change like this was the dawn of civilisation.
  • A rise of just 1oC will create huge problems in future, for man and wildlife, which is already being seen in the Arctic. 
  • Even if all greenhouse gas emissions were stopped, global temperature will continue to rise due to the gasses already in the atmosphere.

Without IMMEDIATE action on climate change, both humans and polar bears face a very uncertain future!

Coca-Cola has supported the WWF with polar bear conservation efforts since 2007 and in 20011 Coca-Cola North America came together to Launch Arctic Home, a campaign that raised over $2million to help conserve the polar bears natural environment and raise awareness of their plight.