Coca-Cola has joined forces with the WWF to launch "Arctic Home", a campaign to raise awareness and funds to conserve the home of Coca-Cola's mascot, the polar bear. It is a initiative that will see the largest number of EU countries to ever come together in raising funds and awareness for a common cause.


Polar Bears & CITES

"A proposal by the United States to ban cross-border trade in polar bears and their parts was defeated Thursday at an international meeting of conservationists, marking a victory for Canada’s indigenous Inuit people over their big neighbor to the south.

Delegates at the triennial meeting of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species, or CITES, rejected Washington’s proposal to change the status of the polar bear from a species whose trade is merely regulated, not banned.

The proposal fell far short of the two-thirds needed to pass, garnering 38 votes in favor, 42 against and 46 abstentions. A similar proposal was defeated three years ago at the last CITES meeting”

Sign the Petiton to help ESA protect the Polar Bear!

On February 19ththe Obama administration officially declared that greenhouse gas regulations are outside the scope of the Endangered Species Act (ESA), stating that activities outside of the bear’s natural habitat should not be regulated… Please sign and share and help save the Arctic Home of the #PolarBear!

Coca-Cola & WWF: Arctic Home - Augmented Reality (Official)

Now you experience the beauty of this augmented reality experience yourselves! 

To The Arctic - OFFICIAL Trailer

A film to raise awareness about the plight of the Polar Bear due to Climate Change


The greatest gift we can give our children is a healthy planet

Dr Sylvia Earle, Oceanographer, explorer, author.

Recent observations strongly suggest that climate change may soon push some systems past tipping points, with global implications.

Martin Sommerton & Susan Joy Hassol (ed.) Arctic Climate Feedbacks: Global Implications (2nd edn) WWF International Arctic Programme, November 2009.

Coca-Cola and WWF team up to make a difference!

The Coca-Cola and WWF Arctic Home campaign was launched at the Science Museum Thursday 17th January 2013, with an interactive augmented reality experience that brought the issue of climate change, and the plight of the polar bear, to life. 

The polar bear has been an iconic marketing figure for the Coca-Cola company for 90 years, representing family and togetherness for the brand. It is for this reason Coca-Cola is pledging over £2.5million over 3 years to help conserve the home of the polar bear and to help ensure their plight is brought closer to home to consumers. 

The money pledged will be used to:

  • Protect and manage what is left of the polar bears environment.
  • Aid research into understanding polar bear population and habitat.
  • Reduce conflict between man and polar bear, as habitat decreases.
  • Fund a Polar Bear Summit, to highlight the issues it faces.
  • Tackle climate change and educate on our interdependence with nature.

Raising awareness of climate change and the plight of the polar bear, Arctic Home forms part of a global partnership between Coca-Cola and WWF that began in 2007 to reduce the company’s carbon emissions and to facilitate water conversation and sustainable agriculture, by reducing Coca-Cola’s environmental impact. 

WWF are working to sustain the arctic home of the polar bear (and the many other species that require this unique environment to survive), but without government support their ability is limited. WWF is encouraging Arctic governments to hold a polar bear summit this year, to ensure the plight of the polar bear is highlighted.

The funds raised to aid the Arctic Home campaign, and the public interest generated, has the potential to attract high level attention from government leaders, with the potential to make positive changes to our future and that of the polar bear!